Level Loader

//Asign the script to a button and specify the level to load. Make sure the scenes have been added in the build settings of the project and that the levels are in correct order.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class LevelLoader : MonoBehaviour {

 GameObject menu_Canvas;
 GameObject settings_Canvas;
 GameObject dataHandler;
 GameObject F458;
 GameObject R8;
 GameObject SLS;

 void Start () {
 menu_Canvas = GameObject.Find ("MainMenu_Canvas");
 settings_Canvas = GameObject.Find ("Settings_Canvas");
 dataHandler = GameObject.Find("DataHandler");

 settings_Canvas.SetActive (false);
 menu_Canvas.SetActive (true);
 public void LoadLevel (int a) {

 Application.LoadLevel (a);

 public void Quit () {

 Application.Quit ();

 public void loadMenu () {

 menu_Canvas.SetActive (true);
 settings_Canvas.SetActive (false);

 public void loadSettings () {

 menu_Canvas.SetActive (false);
 settings_Canvas.SetActive (true);
 public void deleteDataHandler () {

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